Akpabio Is Parading Fake Election Results INEC Raises Alarm


Akpabio Is Parading Fake Election Results Says INEC.

In the recent statement made by INEC during their petiton, they made it clear to the general public that Former APC senator, Akpabio is parading a fake election result.

On Tuesday, the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) notified the National Assembly Elections Petition Tribunal, sitting in Uyo, according to Akwa Ibom, the statistics being bandied by the APC in Senator Godswill Akpabio’s Akwa Ibom Northwest District Election were false.

Akpabio, a petitioner challenging the PDP Senator Christopher Ekpenyong’s victory, stated he had received 61,329 votes in the election, but INEC said the statistics did not come from the committee.

Robert Emukpoeruo, an INEC counsel, informed the tribunal that Akpabio was parading a bogus outcome and the unit he claimed to have voted had no accreditation of electors.

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“You haven’t applied for smart card readers and voters to register reports because you know they don’t support the bogus votes you’re running for Essien Udim.” The INEC attorney also informed the tribunal how the embattled former governor visited Essien Udim’s individuals on election day. “I placed it to you that you declared WARSAW on Essien Udim.” He asserted during the trial on Tuesday 15 June.

He claimed that he won the election, but it turned out from evidence that one of the witnesses to the prosecution 17, Anietie Ekong, did not carry out the critical process required in any election that is accreditation.
The witness was questioned by the lawyer of the respondent, letting him know if he was not accredited, so it implies he did not vote.

“The election outcome is an accreditation feature that is accomplished by registering voters. Therefore the outcome he bandied about was not genuine if he did not go through the appropriate accreditation channel.

“Your win must have been real electorate votes after accreditation to be declared a winner,” the 2nd respondent’s counsel said Solomon Umoh (SAN).



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