My Landlord Wants Me to Sleep With Him, What Do I Do?


My Landlord Wants Me to Sleep With Him, My Landlord Wants to Befriend Me

Good morning everyone, please there is this issue bothering me since.
The landlord of my shop wants to befriend me. It came to me as a surprise. I am no longer a young girl and nothing in my imagination suggests that he should even think of that.

This is someone me and my kids call daddy out of respect. He said if l agree, l will not pay shop rent again. He made this move sometimes 3 years ago and l turned him down. He stopped. I was happy.

He is a rich man and popular also. I am occupying a shop in one of his properties. Early last year he said his shops rent is increased from 60k to 100k. He told me that he knows my condition and that’s why he’s allowing me to continue paying 60k. I was very grateful and thanked him.

He said l should not tell other tenants and l did not tell anyone of them. I only told my first son who thanked him. I just took it that God is assisting me through that means. I have three children in the university, two to finish next year.

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Things have not been easy but l keep on pushing. He knows my situation because l have been his tenant for over 10 years. Shortly after, he started again telling me about friendship. I refused and he said l should pay 100k like others but then l had already paid in the 60k for last year so he couldn’t do anything again Life continued.

This year again he said he wants to use my own shop for office. I called people who l know to beg him and with a lot of pleading he accepted. I have applied for 100k loan and am in the waiting list when he called me and said l should pay 150k.

People l called again inquired, and he said my shop is the most strategic and if l can’t pay , l should vacate. They keep asking me if there is more to it and l said no. I never told them about his advances at me.

My rent will expire on 30th of April. Apart from that, the hatred is much. He talks to me anyhow not minding my age. I went to plead with another friend last week and he didn’t allow us in.

People are advising me to get lawyer but looking at myself which muscle do l have both social muscle and financial to fight this man. He is an indigene and l am not, he owns the shop.

That shop is the only source of livelihood for my family for now and leaving for another shop will be starting in a new environment afresh and will cost much.

People have known me very well here and anything that will disturb my business will affect us especially the children in school.. If this is to be next year l will boldly tell him to go to hell because my two children would be graduating God willing and the load will be less but l am being careful with my response to him because I am afraid of the consequences. This is a man just a few years older than me, just that he was fortunate.

How can l handle this situation. Has anyone found herself in this kind of situation. A friend said l should tell him l have HIV virus so that he will be scared and leave me alone but what if he believes me and starts telling people that l have HIV?.

I have not told my children about his advances at me mainly because my first son will go directly to him and confront him not minding the outcome but that is not what the family situation needs now. I need your prayers of intercession. We are in April already and my heart is skipping.


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