My Sister In-Law is Discussing My Deepest Secrets in Whatsapp Group, What Do I Do?


My Sister In-Law is Discussing My Deepest Secrets in Whatsapp Group

Good day Admin. Please post this for me so that your readers can advice me on what to do.

My sister inlaw is my Facebook friends and she later introduced me to a group on Facebook that they later moved to WhatsApp.

In the group we just discuss business ideas and along the line they started talking about people’s marriages and I called my sister in-law and I called my sister in-law and told her that this group is not interesting anymore. She told me they are just spicing up the boredom. I said to her by talking about people’s homes you just met on Facebook without knowing them personally and concocting lies too?

I started staying away from the group. So along the line, I noticed that they removed me, I didn’t bother again. There was this my sister in-laws friend that is also my friend on Facebook. She chatted me up and asked me why I left the group, I told her that I didn’t that they removed me. So she told me that there is something she will tell me but I should promise her that it will be between us. I said OK. She sent me screenshots of the group discussion. What my sister in-law told them about me. I have never disrespected this lady for any day. She is married with three kids.

What My Sister In-Law is Telling People About My Marriage Behind My Back

In the chats, my sister in-law said her brother (my husband) told her that I was very dirty with body odor when he met me and that he cleaned me up and taught me hygiene. Another part was that my down is too wide, that he is just trying to mange me, that he didn’t want me to get angry.

Another chat said that for 11 years of marriage I have just a child, a son. That my husband told her that I told him of my abortions I did for my exes, that he is just not bothered because he will remarry if I don’t give him another child after 15 years of marriage .

I can’t believe my sister in-law can publicly write such because in that group we are 44 and I have 23 mutual friends with her on Facebook . I want to bring out these chats and confront my husband and my sister in-law but I don’t know how . I am 40, my sister in-law is 43 years, my husband is 46 years.



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