Names Of 23 Nigerians to be Beheaded Soon In Saudi Arabia


Names Of 23 Nigerians Awaiting Execution (Beheading) In Saudi Arabia.

Following the execution of a Nigerian lady by Saudi Arabian authorities over drug smuggling , Latesthubs has stumbled on the names of 23 Nigerians currently on death roll in the Arabian country awaiting execution .

Convicted Nigerians Awaiting Execution In Saudi Arabia [Photos]

  1. Adeniyi Adebayo Zikri
  2. Tunde Ibrahim
  3. Jimoh Idhola Lawal
  4. Lolo Babatunde
  5. Sulaiman Tunde
  6. Idris Adewuumi Adepoju
  7. Abdul Raimi Awela Ajibola
  8. Yusuf Makeen Ajiboye
  9. Adam Idris Abubakar
  10. Saka Zakaria
  11. Biola Lawal

Others are:

  • Isa Abubakar Adam
  • Ibrahim Chiroma
  • Hafis Amosu
  • Aliu Muhammad
  • Ms. Funmilayo Omoyemi Bishi
  • Ms. Mistura Yekini
  • Amina Ajoke Alobi
  • Kuburat Ibrahim
  • Alaja Olufunke Alalaoe Abdulqadir
  • Fawsat Balagun Alabi
  • Aisha Muhammad Amira
  • Adebayo Zakariya.

According to the document, the Nigerians were found guilty of allegedly contravening the “Narcotic and Psychotropic Substances Control Law, issued under Royal Decree No. M/39 dated 8/7/1428AH and is punishable with death penalty.

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Between 2016-2017, these Nigerians were arrested at King Abdul-Aziz International Airport, Jeddah and Prince Muhammad bin Abdu- Aziz International Airport, Madinah for smuggling narcotic drugs concealed in their rectums.”


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