Many Nigerians Attacked In Togo [SEE PHOTOS]


Many Nigerians Attacked In Togo,  Why Nigerians were Attacked In Togo 19th June, 2019.

In Togo today, report reaching us is that many innocent Nigerians were attacked and wounded by Togolese over a false rape alarm by lady.

A Nigerian man was accused of raping a local Togolese girl to death but the report was later discovered to be false.

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The girl in question was the girlfriend of the Nigerian but they have issues which led the girl and her family to start a false rumor claiming that a Nigerian raped and killed a local Togolese.

The news spread like wildfire and the residents started attacking Nigerians living in Togo. Find below photos and video of some Nigerians that escaped being Lynched by some irate Togolese.

Photos of  Nigerians Attacked In Togo

nigerian rapes togolese lady to death
nigerians attacked in togo for rape


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