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What Next? What To Do Next After Checking Your SHS School Placement

This week has been one of the most busiest for those who completed BECE in 2020. Of course, the pressure did not exclude their parents, Heads and teachers of various JHS; and SHS as well.

Well, that’s what this write-up seeks to do. We are looking at the stages ahead if you should be placed in a Senior High School.

We have discussed in our earlier posts how to check your school placement. And also, if you are not automatically placed, how to do a second placement or manual placement or self placement.


After you have yourself placed in a senior high school, you shall be required to print out a 2 page form; to be filled.


After the above form has been filled, together with 4 Passport pictures, they need to be sent to your JHS school; the school you just completed at for the head of the school; or whoever has been designated to attend to you.

The head or person designated fill and stamp part of the form; as a way of endorsement.

After completion, the filled form is sent to your new school; the SHS that you have been placed; where a further process shall be started there also.

Keep; reading, we shall be back with more!

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