Why I Succeeded as the Initiator and Pioneer Director of Entrepreneurship, SUG, NAU


Why I Succeeded as the Initiator and Pioneer Director of Entrepreneurship, SUG, NAU.

I believe that it takes a lot for a student leader to be successful while in office.

However, for me as one time student leader, who have served in several capacities, from departmental to SUG level, three(3) things are very important.
I called them the “3 P(s)”.
Purpose, Priorities, and Pursuit

As at the time I initiated the Directorate of Entrepreneurship, SUG, NAU, nobody ever took the initiative to establish such body in the Union for 25years of its existence, and for me at that time, there was need to have something New & Different in the Union, that would have positive impact in the lives of Students, and stand the test of time.
That was my purpose

One thing is to have a purpose, but having a purpose is not enough.

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Without setting your priorities right, you will never achieve your purpose effectively.
On my list of priorities, Making Impact in the life of students was the first Item, and the last Item was My Personal Interest or Gains.
Creating such a list, where impact making comes before personal interest is very difficult, but it is not impossible and it is price one must pay, if one must be successful as a student leader.
I paid that price.

It is still not enough to have a purpose and the right priorities, because challenges will show up.

And If you must succeed, then you must face these challenges.

It might be tough, it might appear to be an impossible mission, but like the saying goes “Where there is a Will, there is a way”.
I faced so many challenges including financial challenges, which was a major barrier, but I never gave up on my pursuit.
I believed that “If there is a Vision, then there would be provision”.

In the end, Impacts were made to the Glory of God, and months after I left office and graduated, some students are still befitting financially from the Empowerment programs.

The Summary of my success lies in this quote by Late Prof. Dora Akunyili “A society Begins to grow, when elders of such society, plants trees whose shades, they know that they won’t benefit from”

© Michael Oragwa
Director of Entrepreneurship, SUG, Unizik.
2017/2018 Academic session

“I recommend this piece for all young leaders who wish to have their names written on the sands of time”

Comrade Okafor Samuel Iheanacho.

SUG P.R.O., Unizik.



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